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Cottage, caravan or tent? You choose your type of accommodation and we provide it. At Lagunen we can offer a quiet and relaxing holiday as well as an adventurous and eventful time away.

For everyone, all year round

Come and visit Lagunen all year and ejoy our excellent location. Nice scenery, a great choice of activities and proximity to the city centre. At Lagunen you have everything you need within a few minutes. At the site we have a convenience store and a kiosk. And if you are hungry but not in the mood for cooking, drop by Lagunen Kitchen & Bar, our own restaurant!

Whether you are planning a shopping weekend with friends or a summer holiday with your family, we have the perfect accommodation for you. We welcome you to visit us all year round!

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Holidays for real!

December 20, 2013

Holidays for real!

Our camping sites are located in a beautiful terrain among greenery, hills, and the sea. We have sit...

Mobile homes only

January 10, 2014

Mobile homes only

Lagunen can proudly present Bobilparken - a unique product designed especially for mobile homes. In ...


December 19, 2013


Hostel Our own hostel is centrally located, close to the beach as well as to all the fa...

Mini season

June 03, 2014

Mini season

This is a good option if you would like to stay for more than a few days, but not all year round. Sp...

  • Lagunen Camping & Stugor
  • Skärbygdsvägen 40
  • 452 97 STRÖMSTAD
  • +46 (0)526 - 755000
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