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Strömstad has been a popular shopping town for many years, mainly due to its proximity to the Norwegian border. To meet the constantly growing demand many large stores and malls have been built lately. For example, Strömstad has two liquor stores, enormous tobacco and sweets stores at Svinesund, a large number of megamarkets and Scandinavia´s largets mall in Nordby. Quite impressive for a town with about 12 000 inhabitants! Strömstad has actually been rated as Sweden´s fourth biggest shopping town, and as it that wasn´t enough - in Norway it holds third place!

All you can wish for

Strömstad is a perfect town for strolling and browsing in shops. And when your legs ache after a long day of shopping, charge your batteries at one of the cozy cafés or restaurants.


With more than 100 shops and 80 000 square metres, Norby is Sweden´s largets mall. During July there are free shuttles from Strömstad city centre various times every day. Opening hours for the mall during July: 10am-9pm Mon-Fri, 10-8om Sat-Sun. During the rest of the year it closes one hour earlier every day. For more information and to plan your shopping trip, visit



Koster National park was inaugurated on the 9th of September 2009 by king Charles XVI and it is Sweden´s first marine national park. Its 400 square kilometres streches around the Koster islands and the Koster fjord, from the Norwegian border in the north to Tanum in the south. The park borders Ytre Hvaler National park on the Norwegian side, declared open by the Norwegain crown prince on the 10th of Septmber 2009.

Thanks to its combination of salt and brackish water the Koster sea hosts more than 12 000 species!

There are various ways of discovering this amazing place. If you are trevelling on your own you can use one of the four entry points along the coast, at Resö, Rossö, Saltö/Tjärno and Strömstad. There you will find information which will help you get the most out of the park. The main entrance is at Naturum, on South Koster. Explore the show room or join a guided tour, it is free and open all year. 

To do

At Naturum you can watch a film, take part of audioguides in various languages and also touch some of the inhabitants on the sea bed in their aquarium. During summer there are also guided tours on the beach where you will learn a lot about all the small creatures that live here. Another way of exploring the sea is to go snorkling. On South Koster, Rörvik and Saltö there are snorkeling trails - paths with information posts under water!

Time for a break

Having spent the day exploring and discovering you will need to take a break and get something to eat. There are many nice alternatives in the Koster Islands. Cars are prohibited here so walking or renting a bike are the best ways of getting around. If you are planning on spending the night there are hotels, apartments and hostels to choose from. Note that summer is a busy period and that reservation is necessary at this time.



Strömstad is the most western city in Sweden and was declared a city in 1676. With its location by the sea, the proximity to Norway and with great international communications within a couple of hours, Strömstad is a living and thriving place to be. The main industry is tourism, predominantely Norwegians. But the archipelago, many great places to visit nearby, the shopping and the people are some of the reasons that more and more people from all over the world come to visit us.

Strömstad is a great base for exploring the surroundings. One of the places of interest that the locals are especially proud of is the Koster Marine National park. Inaugurated in 2009 by the Swedish king, it is together with Alaska, and Furholmen, examples of islands well worth a visit. If you choose to stay in the city centre you can explore the cuisine in one of many restaurantes, go to the beach or maybe just sit down at a café and just be?


All year round

It is understandable that many relate the West Coast with summer as it is the time of the year when all the tiny fishing villages bloom and awakens after the cold winter months. But Strömstad has so much more to offer. Of course, the activities are not the same in winter, which is part of the charm. In the old days Strömstad used to be a well known spa town, a tradition that is now coming back to life. Swimming pools, spas and saunas, all located by the sea, is a perfect reason to come and visit us!


In nature

If you love nature and being outdoors, Strömstad is a great option. Fishing lobster is an important tradition and if you would like to see how it is done, join a local fisherman! A nice walk in the forest is a perfect way to wind down. Put on some warm clothes, bring a thermos and set out for your own adventure! Many of the trails offer wind shields and even barbeque facilities. If you are into paddling we recommend coming in autumn. Gliding between small islets in the fresh and crispy air is an unforgettable experience. Nature is amazing so enjoy and take well care of it!



Our favorites

Despite being a relatively small town, Strömstad has a large number of restaurants, bars and cafés. There is something for everyone, regardless of age, season or cuisine.During the busy summer months we recommend that you make a reservation to ensure not being left without a table. Ask the reception if you need any advice.

Of course thre are more restaurants than the below listed, but these are our favorites right now.



Fish and seafood. A very popular restaurant along the boardwalk. Karaoke nights, music quizzes and live music makes this a vibrant and fun option.



Alone worth the trip to Koster. Clean, fresh and simple flavours combined into exciting and lovely gastronomic experiences. The beautiful garden that surrounds the restaurant makes this so much more than just a dinner, it is an unique experience. All products are ecologically and locally produced.



Är man i bohuslän skall man naturligtvis ta för sig av havets läckerheter. På Torskholmen, precis vid vattnet med första parkett över båtlivet i hamnen ligger Rökeriet. Lite lugnare, lite lyxigare. Perfekt när man är två.


Park Biograf & Restaurang

A favorite among the locals. Watch a movie and have something to eat, all in the same place. Their American pan pizza with generous toppings are famous in and around Strömstad! Centrally located, with generous plates and a great children´s menu, this is a great place for everyone.



Just where yo get on the Koster ferry you find this Asian venue. Japanese and Thai in new and exciting creations. And for the sushi lover there is plenty to choose from.

Would you like more recommendations or help to find your favorite? Ask in the reception!

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