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Malis apartment

Malis lägenhet 4b

100 m till havet
24 kvadratmeter
antal bäddar

A cozy apartment that houses 4 persons. It has bathroom, TV, an equipped kitchen and beautiful oak parquet floors. From the terrace the evening sun is magical!

Distance: Restaurant and convenience store: 150 metres. Beach and ocean: 150 metres. Sanitary facilities: 50 metres.

Pets and smoking are not allowed.

Evening sun

Malis is located on the East side on the camping, an area we call "Solsidan", the sunny side. Ans as the name reveals, these sites are sunwashed, particularly during the late hours of the day.

Malis has open planning and is great for a group of friends or a small family. If you have children, there is a playing ground just nearby. To get to the West side where the reception, convenience store etc are. use the connecting tunnel. 


Our finest accommodation

Bergsbyn 5+1b/5+2b

WC, shower, fridge/freezer, cooker with oven, microwave, dishwasher and TV.

Newly-built high standard cottages beautifully located along the hillside. Close to the beach and sanitary facilities. Most of the cottages have ocean view. The are well-equipped and all of them have a private terrace.

Distance: Restaurant and convenience store: 50-200 metres. Beach and ocean: 50-150 metres.

Pets and smoking are not allowed.

Just like at home, but away

We like to call Bergsbyn our best accommodation. And why do we do that? Well, the Bergsbyn cottages mirror the soul of Lagunen; Bohuslän and its way of being. From the roof and the eterior to the light and spacious interior - it is Bohuslän in every inch of Bergsbyn.

The ten uits are located along a hillside and the combination of mountain, grass, sea and sky allows us to proudly offer our guests a fantastic stay. The cottages suit everyone and are perfect all year. Curious? Give us a call or just drop by and we´ll be happy to give you a tour!





  • Lagunen Camping & Stugor
  • Skärbygdsvägen 40
  • 452 97 STRÖMSTAD
  • +46 (0)526 - 755000
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