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Adventure Golf

Lagunen´s Adventure Golf is beautifully located by the sea and welcomes you and your friends to come and play. Open from spring to late autumn, depending on the weather. The court is exciting and fun and open to bith guests and the public. You rent the equipment in the adjacent Ice cream bar. That is also the perfect place to wind down after a good game and maybe celebrate with an ice cream?

Beginner or Pro?

The court consists of 12 holes in a hilly terrain. It is a perfect activity for everyone, regardless of age and previous skills. If you are a golf player and in for a challenge we recommend you to rent a Pro stick and ball.

School classes, companies and other groups are also very welcome. During spring and autumn we are happy to arrange a fun event for you. Contact the reception for more information.

This is how it is played

For a good flow in the game we encourage that you play four balls at a time. Start from tee 1. Thereafter the one whose ball is closest to tge hole will play. If you hit another ball, place the one you hit back to where it was. If the ball end up outside the court, put it back to where you hit it from. If you hit the ball inte the water, put it back to where it entered the water. In both cases there is a punishment of 1 hit. The ball can be moved a maximum of 20cm away from an obstacle. Maximum 8 hits/hole. If you need extra time, let the ones behind you pass.

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